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Four Alignments of Self Care

The Journey of Aligning Body/Mind/Spirit to Cultivate Excellent Self Care

Four Alignments of Self Care

You will find simple healthful guidance to support you on your road to an extraordinary life! There are many audio meditations, great recipes and insightful exercises to help along the way to feel happy, healthy and vital

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Learn more about bodywork with Grace

Learn more about bodywork with Grace

"When Grace asked me to write a testimony, I wondered how I could convey the depth of this woman's integrity as a healer. Her touch goes to the heart of the matter. Yes, her hands are amazing. But her spirit goes much further than just her hands. She puts her 'whole self' into each client. I have experienced true healing & Spiritual Transformation in her sessions. Funny her name is Grace. She is."
~ Cari Cole, NYC Musician/Singer and Voice Coach Finalist, 2004 International Music Awards Grammy 2004 Nominees Ballot - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Massage Therapy

Whether you have old chronic unresolved injuries or brand-spanking new…Grace can help! Have you tried other options and still have pain, weakness and poor mobility? As an Injury Specialist, she helps to heal and rehabilitate:


There are 2 ways to work with Grace:

Individual sessions for maintenance and well-being


For chronic pain and injury, she will first do an assessment to determine which would be better suited for you.

The 3-part Intensive Rehab Program includes:

Initial Diagnostic and Session: During the first session she will assess the injury to determine whether or not her work is recommended. Cost $90

Healing Intensive: The process is 5-7 days, depending on her findings from the initial session. This includes daily sessions and strict physical activity recommendations and guidance. Cost: 5 sessions $360

Maintenance: Additional sessions over the course of 1-2 months depending on severity. These sessions are normally 1/week – 1/month. $80

Individual sessions: $90/session


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