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Four Alignments of Self Care

The Journey of Aligning Body/Mind/Spirit to Cultivate Excellent Self Care

Four Alignments of Self Care

You will find simple healthful guidance to support you on your road to an extraordinary life! There are many audio meditations, great recipes and insightful exercises to help along the way to feel happy, healthy and vital

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Classes with Grace

Ongoing Class open to new members every other Monday 7-8:30PM.

As the cold settles in, this is a great time to meet new people and share the warmth in our hearts! Join with like minded/hearted individuals with the desire to live from the heart & awareness on a path of transformation. The evening includes a theme relevant to our everyday lives that we will explore together with awareness & a time for meditation.

New Workshop born from Grace’s new book, Four Alignments of Self Care, the journey of aligning body, mind & spirit. Being happy & healthy in our body is not just about eating well & exercising.

  • Learn & integrate the principles of alignment
  • Take home the tools of optimal self care
  • Learn simple, healthy, yummy recipes
  • Shed beliefs that no longer serve your life
  • Laugh, cry, celebrate your humanity!

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Healthy Cooking Classes in your Home!
Has this been your dream? Well, it’s here.
Enjoy Delicious Simple Recipes

Great Party idea: Invite your friends, family, book clubs, baby shower, parenting groups, clubs, etc. Your choice of delicious Vegetarian Cooked, Raw, Vegan, or Juicing Menu Minimum of 5 participants.

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Contact Grace 603.651.9642 or graceventura1@gmail.com

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