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Shopping To Eat or Eating to Shop?

Diamonds or Sushi? How do you use your energy? Now that I have perused my relationship with food…onto the next topic, Money. Are they really different? They both are about energy. We need one to get the other. And visa versa. We will fill ourselves emotionally by consuming food or material goods. As I wrote […]

Power in Numbers

I can hardly believe it, day 9 of the Final Fat Burner Program with a great group of women dedicated to feeling and looking great! So inspiring. The average weight loss has been 1.5 lbs./day. Unbelievable. We are shedding right before our eyes. Several have commented on how powerful and supportive it is to be […]

Final Fat Burner Program

The Final Fat Burner™ Program 6 Weeks: Jan 6 – Feb 16 Get Ready for the New 2011 Body! Q&A Conference Call 12/14 & 12/17 at 7PM Get Your Questions Answered Dial-In 218-862-7200  Code: 361588 Frustrated with stubborn belly fat? Has menopause stalled your weight loss? Is your health at risk from increased weight? Have […]