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Health Insurance vs. Health Assurance

First, as a mother of six children, I have never used health insurance. And, except as a requirement for college admission/loans, neither have my children. My health insurance premiums are best described as investing in my own holistic education and paying for the expert services of authentic healers ranging from Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Shamans, Naturopathic doctors, yogis, body-workers and learning how to prepare the healthiest possible food & thoughts for body and mind.

Self care is not only being prepared when crisis arises but also taking ongoing actions toward self empowerment. Our bodies are designed to function within a natural balance of work vs. rest, proper nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental awareness, etc. This health insurance crisis is a sign that it’s time to wake up and start investing heavily into our own health assurance. This task isn’t nearly as daunting as the pharmaceutical and HMO’s would like you to believe.

Clean water, fresh air, whole foods, rest, play, relaxation…. is that so difficult? So many of our health issues can be resolved with drinking enough water and refraining from the consumption of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, processed foods/additives, preservatives and other chemicals that strip nutrients and minerals which our bodies need to be healthy.

Now is the time to wake up by rallying Dream Teams of support for our health. The traditional voices of authority are not going to help. Heck, the FDA food pyramid still supports bread/grain/pasta as the largest section of food consumption. Keep in mind, these guidelines dictate what our school kids are taught, what they eat, what our military eats, and on a larger scale, what the food manufacturers pump out of their factories, which they aggressively advertise as “good for us”.

The FDA promotes low-fat dairy consumption. First of all, many people are lactose-intolerant especially to cow products. This issue stems in part from the despicable ways cows are raised with antibiotics, hormones, cruel treatment, poor environmental conditions, etc. as well as the dissimilarity between a cow’s digestive system and a human’s. We don’t have the enzyme’s to break down the protein’s in the milk. Yogurt is easier to digest because it is pre-digested from the fermenting processes. If you ever want to hear the truth about the meat & poultry industry, check out the documentary, Food Inc.

Regarding the low-fat aspect, “researchers have discovered that a fat-soluble substance in the full-fat dairy foods could be responsible for improved ovarian function, and that this substance is removed when full-fat dairy produce is converted to low-fat. In addition when full-fat milk is processed to give skim milk, whey protein is usually added back for a more desirable taste and color. In tests, whey protein is suspected of increasing testosterone-like effects.” Therefore, it’s always better to eat smaller quantities of full-fat organic dairy than the higher volume cheaper low-fat mainstream options. Exploring goat & sheep cheese and yogurt are other healthier dairy options that those who tend towards lactose intolerance seem to do better with. The digestive system of a goat or sheep are closer to a human’s than cows and can therefore makes it easier for us to digest the dairy products.

“In general, grass fed cows will have milk with a better mix of fatty acids, which is desirable. Organic less concentrated farming is highly desirable for ecological reasons, and humane treatment of animals can be justified on its own merits. However, hormone levels in milk will be most strongly influenced by milking pregnant animals, and this is usually done on both organic and conventional farms. From available evidence, the best approach seems to be to keep consumption of dairy products low to moderate. The 3 glasses a day recommended by the U.S dietary guidelines is a radical proposal that, if adopted, would double US dairy production having huge environmental impacts, great increase caloric intake, and likely have adverse effects on incidence of some cancers.” W. Willett

In the category of Fat/Oils, there is confusion. The FDA is still stuck in saturated fat and cholesterol as being bad. They promote vegetable oils that are heated, pesticide and gmo-laced and other unhealthy farming methods that are proven to increase coronary heart disease, infertility, cancers and Type-2 diabetes instead of healthy fats like olive, flax seed, hemp seed, fish oil and clarified butter (Ghee).

Healthy fat is needed for our bodies to be well and it doesn’t make you fat.

America has been on a low-fat diet for years… yet we’re fatter now than ever. We have an epidemic of obesity,diabetes, and our cholesterol levels are rising, not falling. The FDA says eat less cholesterol yet if you deprive yourself of cholesterol (and make up those calories in carbs and sugar), your metabolism goes into famine mode and your liver overproduces cholesterol to make up the difference and stock up. This overdrive state can’t shut off until you start eating cholesterol again. A low-cholesterol, high-carbohydrate diet can actually lead to high cholesterol and weight gain.

“Intake of total fat per se, independent of the relative content of different types of fatty acids, is not associated with high blood cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease”. -Diet and Health, 1989, page 7

Partially Hydrogenated Fats contain trans fats. The FDA acknowledges that trans fats are unhealthy in any amount, and yet maintains that the partially hydrogenated oils are basically safe (which are within them). You can not have have one with the other therefore the FDA should also eliminate the okay on partially hydrogenated oils.

“Trans fat from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is a toxic substance that does not belong in food.” – FDA 2005

“Heart disease was rare in America at the turn of the century. Between 1920 and 1960, the incidence of heart disease rose precipitously to become America’s number one killer. During the same period butter consumption plummeted from eighteen pounds per person per year to four. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in statistics to conclude that butter is not the cause. Actually, butter contains many nutrients that protect us from heart disease. First among these is vitamin A which is needed for the health of the thyroid and adrenal glands, both of which play a role in maintaining the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system.” -Editorial, New York Times, June 25, 2005

Here are a few facts about fat:

Butter has anti-cancer properties.

Vitamin A in butter is very supportive to a healthy immune system.

“Butterfat contains glycospingolipids, which are a category of fatty acids that protect against gastro-intestinal infection, especially in the very young and the elderly. For this reason, children who drink skim milk have diarrhea at rates three to five times greater than children who drink whole milk. Cholesterol in butterfat promotes health of the intestinal wall and protects against cancer of the colon.”

Short and medium chain fatty acids (which are contained in butter) have strong anti-fungal effects helping in the treatment of candida and other fungus. In particular, the use of clarified butter or Ghee.

The idea that butter causes weight gain is a misconception. The short and medium chain fatty acids in butter are not stored in the fat tissue, but instead are used for quick energy. Fat tissue in humans is mainly made of longer chain fatty acids which come from polyunsaturated oils as well as from refined carbohydrates like pasta, breads and other flour products.

“A more important question is what are you putting your fats on? Pasta, breads and other carbohydrates? You should be more worried about that then the good fats.” -Sally Fallon from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Why is the protein section so small? Yes we need protein. Some more than others. Eggs and cheese are good sources, especially if you are a vegetarian. Nuts, seeds, beans are especially important for Vegans. Animal protein for some of us is so important. And of course there’s no mention of organic and pastured/grass-fed being best, or that you should find meat without junk like hormones or antibiotics, etc. as I mentioned above in the “dairy section”.

To summarize, here are a few basic guidelines from Embodydream’s Food Pyramid to ASSURE your Health & Wellness and my book “Four Alignments of Self Care”.

In the EmBodydream™ Food Pyramid, the outer ring represents the primary foods in your life.

The pyramid itself represents our nutritional needs or secondary foods. Your Spiritual, Relationships, Physical & Career are most important. Included in

this pyramid are the Four Alignments (Presence, Gratitude, Creativity & Grace)

as well as the four seasons signifying qualities of what supports our integrity & cyclical nature.

This pyramid is a holistic structure which is all-inclusive & what is indicative for optimal Self Care.

  • Water: At least your bodyweight in ounces/day If you drink coffee, enjoy salt and sugar, increase water intake (read my last blog on dehydration)
  • Daily exercise
  • Learn if you are lactose, gluten or nut intolerant
  • Complex Carbohydrates which includes Vegetables & Starches such as potatoes, squash & whole grains
  • Vegetables: Abundant amounts of local, organic veggies raw or cooked. The mainstay of ones diet is best as a plant-based diet!
  • Fruits: Local & organic instead of sugary foods
  • Good oils: cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, hemp seed and flax oils
  • Fats: nuts, seeds, (If you want dairy, try goat or sheep milk products)
  • Protein: Grass fed, organic, wild meats/fish/poultry (Buffalo, goat, lamb, haddock, salmon, cod, antelope, elk, venison, etc) red meat only 1-2/bimonthly
  • Minimally processed
  • Little salt
  • No fast food
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation
  • Control caloric intake to manage body weight

In conclusion, now is the time to wake up and use the supposed health insurance problem as an opportunity to reclaim and empower yourself with extraordinary health!

For information on Holistic Health Coaching Programs, Weight-loss programs and Massage Therapy contact Grace at

An Effective Way to Feel Full & Satisfied

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy feeling full in my heart and belly. The question is, “why is the feeling so satisfying?” and how can I satisfy myself beyond filling my belly? In this country there is an obesity epidemic. Why are we eating so much and what are our real needs? Our bodies certainly don’t need to eat all the food on our plate or the types of food we chose for good nutrition. Most of us are trying to satisfy our insatiable hunger for love, nurturing and dehydration. We feel alone, disconnected, unworthy and depressed. We want to feel whole, an inner warmth and fullness. The excessive weight just makes you feel even worse.

How can we feel full without abusing our physical and emotional bodies? Let’s start with the basics. How about a tall glass of water? Most of us are so dry and don’t even know it. Drinking pure spring water can be deeply filling & satisfying not only to our belly but to all tissues in the body including our skin. Who wants to look all dried up like a prune at 40 years old? There has also been extensive research that proves that most disease and accelerated aging is caused by dehydration. (Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D) It is important to note that alcohol, coffee, sugar and salt all dehydrate. Every teaspoon of salt takes 1 liter of water from the body. And let’s not forget caffeine-containing sodas, which are loaded with sugars and chemicals as well.

With regards to alcohol, when our blood alcohol level rises, our pituitary gland stops releasing a hormone called ADH, which is an anti-diuretic hormone. When the release of ADH is blocked, our kidneys start increasing the release of water and urination becomes more frequent. If we don’t make up for the loss we will become dehydrated.

Low levels of caffeine, ½ cup (which contains approximately 250 mg.) or less do not dehydrate as much as alcoholic beverages. Though most coffee drinkers will have much more than ½ cup, therefore it is important to drink additional water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

If you are consuming alcoholic beverages, coffee, sodas – or both – in substantial amounts on a regular basis, you definitely need to increase your water intake above the recommended amount of ½ your body weight in ounces/day. It is important to have the water with nothing added to it. That means no tea, lemon or sweeteners of any kind in order to receive the complete benefits of water.

Furthermore, how about not only our physical satisfaction but what about emotional? I can’t say that a tall glass of water will satisfy my empty heart. How about a hot bath or reaching out to a friend? How about immersing your self in an art project or planting a garden? There are many ways to create a full feeling in the belly and heart.

I offer support in the areas of the body, mind & spirit. You can contact me at for a free consultation or join our weight loss, nutrition & wellness programs.

Awakening the Sleeping Carnivore

Billy the buffalo dining at Maison de Prairie

There I was 30 years of being mainly vegetarian, asleep like Sleeping Beauty. Waiting for Prince Charming.  I have gone rogue! Now I am awake.

During these 30 years, though healthy and vibrant in so many ways, I gained a lb. of fat each year that I could never shed, no matter what exercises, potions, incantations or diets I tried.

One day, Dr. Simeon and Billy the Buffalo came into my life. Everything changed. Billy touched my tongue and voila, I fell in love. And the pounds are falling away, 24 lbs. and down 2 dress and pant sizes since the Fall 2010. I feel like I reset the clock for my body 25 years. This process has jumpstarted my Hypothalmus, the center of the brain that regulates fat metabolism. Plus no low back pain and my immune system feels stronger than ever.

Now I am prowling the aisles of Whole Foods and online purveyors. I stalk buffalo, goats, elk, antelope, etc. The purpose of this blog is to support others in re-claiming their sleeping carnivore.  I have come to understand the protein and nutrient dense need’s my body has had for a long time that my concepts were sabatoging. Yes, I think eating mainly from the plant kingdom is essential. But let’s not forget the wonder and nutrition that meat plays in our lives. Especially wild, organic, grass fed meat. For example, buffalo is a nutrient-dense food source, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and so much more. (Stay tuned in the next blog for more meaty info)

So ladies, if you are out there waiting for your “prince charming” to help you lose weight, Stop waiting! Open up to burning fat with Dr. Simeons and buffalo.

Check out Final Fat Burner™ for more details.

Overconsumption vs. Self Appreciation?

Why do we overconsume? And what do we overconsume?

I have an acute awareness of this question during the FFB Program. Why? Because I am under consuming. I take away the food and what do I want to do? Shop!  It boils down to 2 main reasons.

1. I am dropping weight and clothing sizes.

2. I want something to fill the hole. So often we don’t even realize that we are consuming to fill a space. A space of time, the heart, the belly, etc.

What’s to do? How can I approach the situation with balance?

First, check in with my heart. How am I feeling about myself?  My mind says, “Well with all the hard work I am doing to lose the weight, you should reward yourself.” So shopping is the most logical to my little automatic mind. Yes, it’s true, I want a reward. I want to be acknowledged. The shopping thing is always a temporarily satisfying action. It wears off, I want more. So, clearly an addiction that really doesn’t address my desire for acknowledgment. What’s to do?

How about a long, hot soak in a lavender scented mineral salt bath? Soft music, candles. What a beautiful way to “feed” my body. Or how about a x-country ski weekend in the woods. While there, a soak in a hot tub or a sauna.

Wow, just the thought makes me take a deep breath and feel more at peace and relaxed. Clearly, my heart’s desire to appreciate myself will not be satisfied while shopping, most of the time!

Next, let’s address the need for a smaller size and actually shopping for good reason.

Well to begin, check out the budget. Next, bring old clothes to the consignment shop. While there, check out smaller sizes. Consignment shops are such a great invention. Nowadays, you can get practically brand new, high end clothing at great prices. I know, I am such a shopper! My Mom taught me well!

These questions can be asked no matter what you are over consuming: food, sex, shopping, alcohol, drugs, etc. We tend to get out of whack (gain weight, lose our center, financial stress, etc) when we try to push away the uncomfortable sensations in our body and heart. So next time to begin to reach for the cookie, chips, credit card or whatever addiction you prefer….STOP and ask yourself, “What do I really want and feel in my heart?” “What would feel deeply satisfying and nurturing right now?” Give yourself that.

If you are interested in participating in the next FFB program on 3/10, find out more at the FREE Final Fat Burner Teleclass on 2/8 at 7PM. Get tips on healthy weightloss & why diets haven’t worked & the homeopathic HCG protocol. The HCG protocol is a totally  new paradigm for tranforming your weight and health by permanently resetting your master fat burning center called the hypothalamus which overseas your metabolism. That’s not all! HCG not only resets your hypothalamus, it also causes the release of the mis-shapening, toxic fat known as long term stored fat, or non-essential fat. That’s the stuff that is found in our expanding waists, hips, belly, thighs and other fat pad areas of our body.

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Power in Numbers

I can hardly believe it, day 9 of the Final Fat Burner Program with a great group of women dedicated to feeling and looking great!

So inspiring. The average weight loss has been 1.5 lbs./day. Unbelievable. We are shedding right before our eyes.

Several have commented on how powerful and supportive it is to be part of this group, doing it together as we cheer each other on. Another benefit of a group dynamic,  is being held accountable. We know we are here for each other and hold a higher level of responsibility with the group in mind. This speaks to me of how there is power in numbers in all aspects of our lives. If we want to make effective changes on the planet, aligning and doing the work together will get the job done. It is much more challenging to attempt doing things on your own. Just think about it. When there is a team supporting each other it is much more likely they will win vs. an individual trying to do all of the work.

Often we isolate ourselves. In isolation we feel alone, separate, unhappy, depressed, etc. In so many ways we are being called on to come together, align and  join forces rather than going at it alone. We are being asked to let go of the competitive ego driven needs to be seen, jealousy, power plays and one-up-(wo)men-ship.

We can support each other in being the healthiest, most beautiful and best version of ourselves right now!

Join me in working together to reach your health and weight loss goals at the next

Final Fat Burner Program March 10-April 14!

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Get Ready for the New Year


We’re nearing the end of the holiday

Soon the gingerbread, cookies and
chocolate (at least some!) will be put away until
next year.

You’ve got one day left before
it’s time to set some new year’s

A new year. A fresh start.

Join us in the

Final Fat Burner Program

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Losing the extra weight you have carried for years.

But what if…

…just like so many times before, you slip
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when the new year hits?

This year can be different.

We can make our health resolutions STICK.
Even if you don’t have to “detox” copious
amounts of shortbread and holiday feasts,
you’ll still benefit from the support
of other’s who have already
signed up for the

Final Fat Burner Program

There’s power in numbers! Join us and
make 2011 your best year EVER!


There’s no reason to keep telling your
old story in the new year

If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always had.

Break free.

Make 2011 your best year ever and join us
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Your program includes:

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You Have Touched my Life

Dear Friends & Family,

As we come to the completion of 2010, I consider that with all endings, gratitude is foremost in my heart. There is so much mystery in this life. We think things should be one way, but alas, they look totally different than what our mind’s accept as “good” or “right”. In the end, through the noise, chaos and chatter, we arrive precisely in the perfect place. We are with each other and I am  so grateful for all I have received.

We found each other

in the midst of

Noise & chaos,

We never were really apart.

Just napping.

Thank you for waking up

To dance again in the magnificence of life

In the arms of the beloved.

Thank you for making room in your


For us to bend rainbows

And play toss with the sun.

May the dreams you desire manifest

With so much love & light.

Have a blessed, abundant & glorious New Year!


Blessings & Abundant Health from EmBodydream

As we move into the darkest and shortest day of the year, the Moon also hidden from sight with an eclipse, this is an auspicious time to go within and connect with the inner light that resides in your heart. It is an opportunity to set intentions and connect with your inner longings to prepare for the the new year.

“Lunar Eclipses  are huge opportunities for transformation as the old energetic networks dissolve and reload to a new level of expediency. anything related to communication, small travels, writing, teaching, speaking, ideas and knowledge. This eclipse carries the spark of the unexpected as well the invitation to individuate and grow beyond the confines of the socially agreed upon reality. Uranus is the rebel and leader of a new age with new rules and hopefully better, more humane ways to support each other in like minded groups and visions.”

“Capricorn is the sign of that inner work and dimension focusing on what is truly important to us and act accordingly. We take responsibility, work harder and just do what we can. Saturn and Capricorn are associated with the “Great Work” which we have signed up to do, which costs a lot of effort, time and hard work. With all the action in Capricorn this month this is what is in alignment with the energy.

This is a great time to use the energy of Capricorn to do your “great work” and build momentum. Ask yourself the question where you need to dig in and pay more attention in your life? What needs to be completed this year for you to feel ready for the New Year with new aspirations and goals? Where have you postponed and dragged your feet?

I leave you with this poem that touches and inspires my heart :


Do not pretend that The Longing

has not also lived in you,

swinging like a pendulum.

You have been lost

and thieved like a criminal

your heart

into the darkness.

But life is tired, Deep Friend,

of going on

without you.

It is like the hand of the mother

who has lost the child.

And if you are anything like me, you have been afraid.

And if you are anything like me,

you have known your own courage.

There is room in this boat:

take your seat.

Take up your paddle, and all of us

– All of us –

shall row our hearts



– Em Claire

In Celebration of Endings & Beginnings

As I listen in the quiet space, with no distractions, I feel the full open heart expanding with each breath. Today, in this moment, I encourage you to embrace and come home to yourself.  What greater gift is there?

Through the years of abandoning myself for another, I awaken and promise to never leave again. Perhaps you are inspired to make this promise to yourself which is truly a gift of love.  In celebration of your divinity may your heart-brilliance guide you in the coming days ahead.

Have a healthy, happy Holiday season and may the dreams you desire manifest with so  much love & light.

Stay Awhile

Stay awhile,
Don’t leave just yet
We are just getting re-acquainted
And I have yearned for your return home my beloved.

I remember the sinking feeling
In my heart
Each time you leave.
I try calling you over and over
But no response.

Now you have awakened
From the dormant cryogenic stasis
And we are united again,
Enraptured in this heart.

I am in tearful ecstasy each time you return home.
Now, as you drop in even deeper
We breathe in harmony as one heartbeat.

Stay awhile and remember
Your soul’s journey
Has begun again
As the lover and beloved
Dance in this hypnotic swirl.

-Grace Ventura Sardonicus 12/2010

Final Fat Burner Program

The Final Fat Burner Program
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Unlike trick-fad diets, The Final Fat Burner™ utilizes the time-tested method of HCG developed in 1950’s by Dr. Simeons. This Protocol works! If you Follow it!

Your program includes:

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