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You Have Touched my Life

Dear Friends & Family,

As we come to the completion of 2010, I consider that with all endings, gratitude is foremost in my heart. There is so much mystery in this life. We think things should be one way, but alas, they look totally different than what our mind’s accept as “good” or “right”. In the end, through the noise, chaos and chatter, we arrive precisely in the perfect place. We are with each other and I am ┬áso grateful for all I have received.

We found each other

in the midst of

Noise & chaos,

We never were really apart.

Just napping.

Thank you for waking up

To dance again in the magnificence of life

In the arms of the beloved.

Thank you for making room in your


For us to bend rainbows

And play toss with the sun.

May the dreams you desire manifest

With so much love & light.

Have a blessed, abundant & glorious New Year!


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