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Hot Off The Press! Four Alignments of Self Care

Grace’s new mini-book!!

You will find simple healthful guidance to support you on your road to an extraordinary life! There are many audio meditations, great recipes and insightful exercises to help along the way to feel happy, healthy and vital.

Excerpt: “Start by grounding in the moment. Slow down and deepen the breath. Notice the sensations in your body. Listen to what your body wants right now. Not years ago when your Mother fed you steak and potatoes at 7PM even though you didn’t feel hungry for those foods. Back in childhood, most of us learned to disregard our body and to neglect our inner voice.“

Special Offer Today!

With purchase  (Expires 11/11)

***A FREE 50 minute Health History consultation

*** yummy recipes to support your health 

Purchase your copy now just $5.95 plus shipping

**With the purchase you will have access to the Online environment that accompanies the book. Go to the link for the OE and type in the book ID shown on P.2 of the book

**After purchase contact Grace for scheduling your FREE 50 minute session!

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