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10 Tips for Holiday Stress

Dear Friends,

During the holiday season it feels like everything ramps up, especially stress. As I reflect on the days gone past of having 6 children at home, 2 businesses, preparing for the holidays with warm and beautiful decorations, getting the cards out, and all of the other preparations to make everyone happy and feeling the holiday spirit. I remember feeling like there wasn’t even a moment in the day to go to the bathroom! Yes, this experience is prominent during the holidays but I felt this way all of the time. TIME…where does it go and how can I get more? I have spoken with countless women/and/or Mom’s who have expressed the very same thing. They feel exhausted, overwhelmed and out of balance as they try to do it all for everyone. Do you experience anything similar?

Anytime you begin to feel anxious that you won’t get it all done, here are 10 great tips:

1.Close your eyes and take 10 breaths

2. Listen to your favorite music

3. Watch a favorite movie

4. Ask yourself, ‘If I was to have 3 days left to live, what would I most want to do right now?’ The reality is we have no idea when the angel of death will swoop down. Do you think that they would want the present wrapped, the cookies,  or quality, fun time together? Prioritize what really matters most.

5. Express gratitude and generosity through words or creating something together.

6.Take a power nap during the day

7. Meditate for 10 minutes before you start your day

8. Get a Massage!

9. Write a things to do list to prevent overwhelm

10. Try not to eat meals after 6PM so your body has time to digest. This will help you rest more deeply.

Most of all, remember what matters most…the quality of energy residing in your heart!


For wellness support, a massage or any suggestions for healthy,holiday treats or gift certificates contact me at

I wish for you a delightful holiday season!


Love & Blessings,



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