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HCG Fat Burner: Fraud or Panacea? Part 1

Preparing for HCG

Have you jumped on the HCG bandwagon yet? Well if you’ve been frustrated with years of dieting only to find yourself dreading pulling your favorite jeans over your thighs or hips, HCG is the latest fad in shedding that nasty stored fat.

In the 50’s Dr. Simeon, a brilliant Endocrinologist, discovered an underlying cause of obesity was due to a compromised function of the Diencephalon located in the brain’s hypothalmus. He found that in order to truly release the deep structural fat, it is necessary to reset and reboot the metabolic system that burns fat. This process occurred naturally through the use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and diet.

More recently Kevin Trudeau spiked up the HCG craze by trumpeting Simeon’s protocol a very strict 500-calorie diet and other rules required for 23-40 days during Phase 1 and 2 and another 23-40 days for Phase 3, maintenance. I have also added Phase 4….life!
The big question is… how successful is HCG? If you don’t change old eating habits and self-sabotage patterns, you might lose 10 -30 pounds in 40 days. But in the long run you’ll probably gain it all back. And you’ll denounce HCG as a fraudulent product.

The Final Fat Burner is a program I created to heal the habitual patterns of unhealthy excessive eating. The answer to your weight loss will not be found in a proverbial sacred bottle. Yes, the Simeon protocol works provided you use high quality HCG & you don’t cheat! But you can put all the weight back on if you are unwilling to address deeper issues of why you did put the fat there in the first place.

2 decades into serving clients I‘ve discovered that we humans are not too different. For women and men alike, on the top of the hit list…fat is a form of self-protection, a way to “cushion” the blows of life.  Stored fat typically accumulates when people eat to numb the pain of their emotional wounds. Then there is sheer boredom, loneliness and obligatory social engagements that we just can’t say “no” to out of guilt.

Of course there will be times when everybody indulges in family or community celebrations. But the choices we make during our normal day-to-day living is where we either mature into taking full ownership by making food choices that truly nourish the body or succumb to unhealthy habits.

Bottomline: Dr. Simeon’s HCG can reset your body’s metabolism and give you back the tummy, thighs and hips you had 20 years ago. But the key is to upgrade choices you make about what you put in your mouth. Not for just 40 days. But for a lifetime. From my observations the protocol works best with supervision. Because when you get emotionally unhinged, what’s gonna stop you from binging on pizza, M & M’s or B&J’s Chunky Monkey?

In Part 2 of “HCG Fat Burner: Fraud or Panacea”  I will elaborate on how HCG works and the quality of HCG that is used.

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