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Shopping To Eat or Eating to Shop?

Diamonds or Sushi? How do you use your energy?

Now that I have perused my relationship with food…onto the next topic, Money. Are they really different? They both are about energy. We need one to get the other. And visa versa. We will fill ourselves emotionally by consuming food or material goods. As I wrote before the blog entitled Overconsumption vs. Self Appreciation, I shared my experience of using food as a means of reward.

At the time I was in the Final Fat Burner Program losing lots of weight and feeling really good. My jeans were falling off. I decided it was time to shop. Well one pair of jeans lead to another and then of course a few new tops, and wow, that dress looks hot. My overconsumption began and I didn’t stop. There are so many hooks in the shopping world of great new clothing to add to my collection. Skinny clothing. I was on a roll. And closing in quickly on my budget. I can feel the energy of addiction. I recognized the feeling and said, “Woo horsey. Stop and take a gander at what you are doing.” I asked myself, “How do I feel? Why am I doing this?”

I closed my eyes, sat quietly and took several deep breaths. I can feel lots of energy moving about like after  running a few miles. As I settled down with my breath I asked the question of my body, “What are you needing and what do you really want?”  My first response was, a good stretch because I felt all the tension in my muscles from the go, go,go. Next, I felt my sexuality. And it felt good. I saw that instead of expressing this feeling through dancing or connecting with my beloved, I ignored it and got on the bandwagon of shopping.

Shopping is really a way to dress myself up, look good, expend energy (namely money), be noticed by another, but it lacks the direct expression of how I really feel. It is a cover, a kind of avoidance rather than going to the direct source of my feeling body. So whether I am unhappy or feel fantastic, the shopping can not possibly address my full internal expression. It can be fun but it is only skin deep.

This is not to say to stop consuming. Be aware why I’m choosing to shop and decide if it’s truly what will satisfy my inner needs. Next, when I do shop, find  a balance between consuming and sharing. When I share the wealth, give a gift or express how I feel, I’m so deeply satisfied. Sure there is a satisfaction with shopping, especially for that thing that I really, really love. And appreciate long after the initial purchase. Like my new convertible Turbo Saab. Even after a few weeks, I still love my car. Which I have never felt about a car. It truly gives me pleasure to feel the fresh air blowing so freely through my long locks! And I love sharing the experience with my family, friends and beloved. I feel happy.

How do you use money as a way to fill a void? You know the same way you might use food. What if you took some time to go inside and ask your body what it really wants. How do you feel? What do you want to express?

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