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Archive for December, 2010

Get Ready for the New Year

  Greetings! We’re nearing the end of the holiday season. Soon the gingerbread, cookies and chocolate (at least some!) will be put away until next year. You’ve got one day left before it’s time to set some new year’s resolutions! A new year. A fresh start. Join us in the Final Fat Burner Program Another chance […]

You Have Touched my Life

Dear Friends & Family, As we come to the completion of 2010, I consider that with all endings, gratitude is foremost in my heart. There is so much mystery in this life. We think things should be one way, but alas, they look totally different than what our mind’s accept as “good” or “right”. In […]

Blessings & Abundant Health from EmBodydream

As we move into the darkest and shortest day of the year, the Moon also hidden from sight with an eclipse, this is an auspicious time to go within and connect with the inner light that resides in your heart. It is an opportunity to set intentions and connect with your inner longings to prepare […]

In Celebration of Endings & Beginnings

As I listen in the quiet space, with no distractions, I feel the full open heart expanding with each breath. Today, in this moment, I encourage you to embrace and come home to yourself.  What greater gift is there? Through the years of abandoning myself for another, I awaken and promise to never leave again. […]

Final Fat Burner Program

The Final Fat Burner™ Program 6 Weeks: Jan 6 – Feb 16 Get Ready for the New 2011 Body! Q&A Conference Call 12/14 & 12/17 at 7PM Get Your Questions Answered Dial-In 218-862-7200  Code: 361588 Frustrated with stubborn belly fat? Has menopause stalled your weight loss? Is your health at risk from increased weight? Have […]